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__docformat__ = "reStructuredText"

import copy

from . import _chipmunk_cffi
lib = _chipmunk_cffi.lib
ffi = _chipmunk_cffi.ffi
from .vec2d import Vec2d
from ._pickle import PickleMixin

[docs]class BB(PickleMixin, object): """Simple bounding box. Stored as left, bottom, right, top values. """ _pickle_attrs_init = ['left', 'bottom', 'right', 'top']
[docs] def __init__(self, *args): """Create a new instance of a bounding box. Can be created with zero size with bb = BB() or with four args defining left, bottom, right and top: bb = BB(left, bottom, right, top) """ if len(args) == 0: self._bbp ="cpBB *") self._bb = self._bbp[0] elif len(args) == 1: self._bb = args[0] else: self._bbp ="cpBB *", args) self._bb = self._bbp[0]
[docs] @staticmethod def newForCircle(p, r): """Convenience constructor for making a BB fitting a circle at position p with radius r. """ bb_ = lib._cpBBNewForCircle(p, r) return BB(bb_)
def __repr__(self): return 'BB(%s, %s, %s, %s)' % (self.left, self.bottom, self.right, def __eq__(self, other): return self.left == other.left and self.bottom == other.bottom and \ self.right == other.right and == def __ne__(self, other): return not self.__eq__(other) left = property(lambda self: self._bb.l) bottom = property(lambda self: self._bb.b) right = property(lambda self: self._bb.r) top = property(lambda self: self._bb.t)
[docs] def intersects(self, other): """Returns true if the bounding boxes intersect""" return bool(lib._cpBBIntersects(self._bb, other._bb))
[docs] def intersects_segment(self, a, b): """Returns true if the segment defined by endpoints a and b intersect this bb.""" return bool(lib._cpBBIntersectsSegment(self._bb, tuple(a), tuple(b)))
[docs] def contains(self, other): """Returns true if bb completley contains the other bb""" return bool(lib._cpBBContainsBB(self._bb, other._bb))
[docs] def contains_vect(self, v): """Returns true if this bb contains the vector v""" return bool(lib._cpBBContainsVect(self._bb, tuple(v)))
[docs] def merge(self, other): """Return the minimal bounding box that contains both this bb and the other bb """ return BB(lib._cpBBMerge(self._bb, other._bb))
[docs] def expand(self, v): """Return the minimal bounding box that contans both this bounding box and the vector v """ return BB(lib._cpBBExpand(self._bb, tuple(v)))
[docs] def center(self): """Return the center""" return Vec2d._fromcffi(lib._cpBBCenter(self._bb))
[docs] def area(self): """Return the area""" return lib._cpBBArea(self._bb)
[docs] def merged_area(self, other): """Merges this and other then returns the area of the merged bounding box. """ return lib._cpBBMergedArea(self._bb, other._bb)
[docs] def segment_query(self, a, b): """Returns the fraction along the segment query the BB is hit. Returns infinity if it doesnt hit """ return lib._cpBBSegmentQuery(self._bb, tuple(a), tuple(b))
[docs] def clamp_vect(self, v): """Returns a copy of the vector v clamped to the bounding box""" return Vec2d._fromcffi(lib._cpBBClampVect(self._bb, tuple(v)))
''' def wrap_vect(self, v): """Returns a copy of v wrapped to the bounding box. That is, BB(0,0,10,10).wrap_vect((5,5)) == Vec2d._fromcffi(10,10) """ return lib._cpBBWrapVect(self._bb[0], v) '''
[docs] def copy(self): """Create a deep copy of this BB.""" return copy.deepcopy(self)