Pymunk has one tutorial that show a simple simulation from start to end.

After reading it make sure to also check out the Examples as most of them are easy to follow and showcase many of the things you can do with pymunk.

External Tutorials

If you have made a tutorial that is using Pymunk in any way and want it mentioned here please send me a link and I will happily add it. I also accept full tutorials to include directly here if you prefer, as long as they are of reasonable quality and style. Check the source to see how the existing ones are built.

Pymunk physics in Pyglet

Created by Attila Toth. Retrieved 2018-02-24

Youtube user Attila Toth has created a series of youtube videos that gives a good introduction of Pymunk. The videos covers among other things the 3 types of Bodies, the different Shapes and how to use sprite with Pyglet together with Pymunk.